The Page Anchor lifetime warranty

For as long as you own it, your Page Anchor will be covered by our lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers all problems related to manufacturing defects, that may cause damage throughout your ownership of the anchor.

In other words, if your Page Anchor breaks under normal use, we will fix or replace it for you. Note that this means that minor damages such as dents and scratches are not covered. We also will not cover foolish mistakes such as dropping your Page Anchor into a blender or backing over it with your car (we’ve seen it all).

While we reserve the right to decide if your damage is covered, the warranty exists for a reason, so don’t hesitate to submit a claim if your item is damaged. We will always be as reasonable and fair as possible.

What damages are not covered?

The Page Anchor warranty’s purpose is to cover all damage that prevents you from using it properly. This means that minor damages such as scratches will not be covered.

We will also not cover lost items, but feel free to reach out if you were to lose your Page Anchor—we’ll always do our best to help you in any way that we can.