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Simple but stunning. The anchor allows for easy handsfree reading, which is especially nice when reading outdoors or enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Kari D.



I keep one in my bag and one at home and they’re just wonderful. I have a chronic pain condition that makes it very difficult to hold books for any period of time.

Sarah B.



Perfect gift for the readers in your lifeI've purchased three page anchors so far to give as gifts. The 1st was for my teenage niece as a Christmas gift - she loved it.

Preston B.



Quality craftsmanship combined with impeccable customer service. The kind of customer service provided by Markus and his staff is unmatched.

Christopher J.



"Best gifts for bookworms"

Our mission with Page Anchor is to incentivize analog activities such as reading and writing, through elegant and thoughtful design.

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Built to last

We spent almost two years designing our anchors from the bottom up, obsessed with continuously iterating to make sure that the products could uphold our strict standards.

The results show not only through beautiful craftsmanship, but in a product that is made to last.