Our Kickstarter just ended and we're now working hard to produce & ship the 2000+ Page Anchors that have been ordered. If you missed our Kickstarter, you can pre-order your Page Anchors through our Indiegogo campaign.

Visit the campaign now →


Thank you for your order. We're really thankful that you helped us launch such a successful project on Kickstarter!
The "super early bird" rewards are expected to ship in late June and the rest will be shipped in July.
You will soon receive an email from our partner BackerKit, where you'll get to pick which Page Anchor(s) you want, and where you want them to be shipped. Stay tuned!

These sites are platforms that help artists, designers, and other creators find the support they need to make their ideas a reality. We released our new collection of products on Kickstarter and raised the money necessary in 30 days. We are now working hard to produce and ship the sold products to our Kickstarter backers.
In the meantime (before opening this site again), we decided to give everyone who missed the Kickstarter the chance to pre-order their Page Anchors at a favorable price through Indiegogo. Check it out using the button above.

Our focus right now is to produce and ship all 2000+ Page Anchors ordered from Kickstarter. Once all orders are sent out, you'll be able to order from our store again.

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