Anchor & Notebook Bundle
Anchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook BundleAnchor & Notebook Bundle

Anchor & Notebook Bundle


The ultimate reading & notebook bundle. Choose your favorites & save 10% off

Choose your anchor & notebook below:

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Anchor features

  • Made from 316L stainless steel

  • Plated in premium metals such as 14k Gold & Platinum

  • Keeps your books open flat (hands-free)

  • Save more when you buy more

Notebook features

  • 160x dot-grid pages: Perfect for both writing and illustrations.

  • Monthly reflection layout for assured personal development

  • Ultra-thick 150gsm pages: No more ink bleeding through to the next page.

  • Numbered pages & 2 dedicated pages for indexing. 

Product Details

The perfect bundle for gifting multiple people. Save 10% off with this bundle and remove the hassle of searching for your next gift.

Includes 1 anchor bookmark & 1 notebook of your choice. 

All our gift bundles come in one shipment but with each product packaged separately, so it will be perfectly fine to use as gifts for different people.

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      Page Anchor is a premium-grade, anchor bookmark that prevents your book from closing by removing the need to push books open with your thumb. An elegant tool to transform the way you read.

      The Page Anchor Bookmark

      Keeps books open & flat

      Handcrafted 316L stainless steel anchors plated in 14K gold, Platinum & Black zirconium.

      The New Notebooks

      Made for productivity & notes

      Dot-grid | Vegan Leather | Pen Holder & 2x Ribbon Bookmarks | Monthly Reflection.


      Quality craftsmanship combined with impeccable customer service. 

      - Christopher, USA


      Especially nice when reading outdoors or enjoying a nice cup of tea.

      - Kari, USA

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      Frequently asked questions


      Got any questions about? Check out our FAQ below:


      Does the anchor work with all book types/sizes?

      Yes! Our anchors are made to fit all book types and sizes, and will work regardless of how far into your book you are. Simply insert the anchor into your pages with a larger portion of them being on one side.

      How do I change pages when using the Page Anchor?

      It may take a second or two longer to change pages when using Page Anchor, but from what we've heard from our customers, there shouldn't be any problem reading with Page Anchor even if you're a fast reader.

      The pins on the back are longer than the anchor shape to make it easy to change pages without pulling out the anchor entirely. In other words, simply pull out your Page Anchor until the anchor is no longer in the way, then turn the page and insert the anchor again. Easy as that!

      How is the notebook structured? Are the monthly reflections pages in the beginning?

      Yes! The first 16 pages are the introductory/index/monthly reflections pages. The remaining 160 pages are dot grid.

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      21,500+ happy users worldwide

      Plated with precious metals like 14k Gold

      Doesn't damage your book's spine

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