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Bookmarks designed as enamelled jewelry

Our handcrafted enamel anchors serve as a beautiful and functional tool for avid readers, cookbook users & notebook addicts alike.

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The perfect combination of color & elegance. Experience a reading experience like never before with our brand new Enamel anchor bookmarks. 

Enameling is a technique with its roots far back in history. Colored glass or resin is applied to the surface of metal or another hard surface to create a beautifully layered look. As with all of our anchor bookmarks, the anchor's body is made from 316L stainless steel and plated in precious metals.

Reasons you'll love it:

  • 316L Stainless steel body and plated with platinum.
  • Epoxy resin enamel to ensure high durability of the colored section.
  • Fits all type of books, regardless of size.
  • Relieves thumb from pushing book open while reading and allows for 100% hands-free reading.
  • Does not harm the book's spine.
  • Thank you card from the team.
  • High-quality pouch. Perfect to use while traveling.
  • Soft cleaning cloth to keep fingerprints away from your anchor.
  • A short guide on how to use your Page Anchor.
  • And of course, your precious Page Anchor.

as seen in:

Introducing the Enamel Collection

an ode to the beauty of swedish spring
Bringing together
Elegance & Color

The perfect combination of classic technique and modern design. Each anchor is handcrafted in 316L Stainless steel with colored enamel and a precious metal finish.

Don't take our word for it


Quality craftsmanship combined with impeccable customer service. The kind of customer service provided by Markus and his staff is unmatched.

Christoffer J.



I keep one in my bag and one at home and they’re just wonderful. I have a chronic pain condition that makes it very difficult to hold books for any period of time.

Sarah B.



Perfect gift for the readers in your lifeI've purchased three page anchors so far to give as gifts. The 1st was for my teenage niece as a Christmas gift - she loved it.

Preston B.

New Zealand

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Yes, all products included in our gift bundles come individually packed. 

All Page Anchors are made of 316L stainless steel and ion-plated with precious metals such as gold, platinum and rose gold. You can find more info in the product descriptions.

Our anchors should work with any type of book, as long as it is thicker than a magazine!

No matter if you are using a journal, cookbook, pocket book or a large hardcover, Page Anchor will help it effortlessly stay open without hurting the spine.